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Primus Canada - 46 Reviews - Internet Service Providers DSL is slow as molasses in Feb and that is part of the reason why they are getting 2 stars. My LTE Rogers phone can get almost 50Mbps download, Primus DSL is at 12-20Mbps. My Primus broadband clocks 75Mbps. For home phone (if you still need it/want these days) as well as broadband, Primus provisions a good a technical service as any. Customer reviews for Primus Canada Rating summary for the past year: Negative: 1 1 ratings in the past year. 1 ratings in total. Sun, Nov 03, 2019. I called the support centre to solve my connection issue and the teller wanted me to follow trouble shooter, but it didn't solve anything for 90minitue. Primus Internet Plans, Best High speed and Unlimited

Once you have a "live" internet connection, your "traffic" is routed to your ISP and on to the internet (one or two extra hops, minimal effect on speeds). What sets each ISP apart is their support, and from what you're expressing here, Primus isn't giving you very good support. Call a competitor.

Sep 05, 2010 Primus Primus’ passion for the customer experience means you get more than leading edge Internet, network, and cloud-based systems or award-winning voice services. You get a provider that continually goes the extra mile to ensure you’re equipped with the smartest technology to communicate at your best. 165 Primus Canada Internet Service Reviews and Complaints

Primus offers Internet service via the following technology: Cable. Primus Canada is a major telecommunications provider, serving all 10 Canadian provinces, the Yukon and the Northwest Territories. Started in 1997, Primus is headquartered in Toronto and also offers digital home phone service in …

Customer Service Guarantee Waiver (Applicable to the iPrimus home phone telephony Service) iPrimus home phone telephony is a service which enables you to make and receive voice calls over the standard copper network. Consumers have certain rights in relation to standard telephone services under Part 5 of the Telecommunication (Customer Protection and Service Standard) Act 1999 (Cth) and the Primus Plans & Phones | Reviews, Customer Service Info